There ain't many Boerboel related books published world-wide yet, I can only name few of them what are translated in English.

The Boerboel - South Africa's own

The English edition of Die Boerboel - eie aan Suid-Afrika, i.e. The Boerboel - South Africa's own – has been available since May 2007.

Since publication in Afrikaans edition in 2005,
this book has firmly established itself as essential reading for both novices and experts.

This glossy hardcover 266-page publication - with numerous illustrations and colour photographs - is a reader-friendly introduction of the breed to any person interested in acquiring a Boerboel for the first time.
It is also a comprehensive reference for every Boerboel breeder and owner.

The author, Anemarí Pretorius, spent more than three years researching and writing this book. Her point of departure was to try to answer most of the questions that prospective and new owners would ask. 

The end product meets this objective and much more. Many seasoned breeders readily admitthat they have learned 'a thing or two' from this publication.The book literally takes the reader 'from the cradle to the grave' through the life of the Boerboel (the section on the senior phase of the dog and the possibility of having to euthanase a lifelong companion,will leave no reader unaffected).

The contents address, among others:
The origins of the breed.
The history of SABBA and relevant official documentation.
The breed standard criteria, and registration and appraisal processes.
Choosing, feeding and housing the dog.
Common and dangerous dog diseases and hereditary conditions.
Development phases of the dog.
Reproduction and breeding issues.
Breeding systems and programmes.

What makes the book so special is that the author has succeeded in objectively integrating herobvious infinite passion for the Boerboel with well-researched facts and authoritative documentation.

The book is published in co-operation with SABBA. The association pays tribute to Anemarí for this valuable contribution, as well as to her husband Dicky, for the financial support towards publication.



 In November 2012, after over 3 years of searching I got the most wonderful gift from South Africa and I could finally read this book and add it to my bookshelf after such long waiting. Couldn't be happier with it!

I've had plenty of emails from people who would want to buy this book.
Unfortunately I don't sell it, it's been sold out world wide for many years now.