About the breed

The word "Boerboel" leads from the words "boer", the Dutch word for "farmer" and "Boel" from the word "dog", "farmer's dog". Boerboel is the only South African breed which has been bred to guard farms and property.

The Boerboel (Burbul) is a strong and powerfully built dog with strong bone structure, smooth coat and balanced structure with no obvious flaws. The Boerboel has an impressive demeanor created by a combination of conformation, carriage, confidence and powerful, buoyant and unencumbered movement notwithstanding its size. The shape and size of the head of the Boerboel is a typical feature of the breed. Boerboel is reliable, obedient and intelligent dog with a strong guarding instinct. Boerboel is confident and fearless, but vigilant. In males ideal height is 66cm and in bitches 61cm. The height must always be in proportion to the weight as well as to the structure and the gender gap must be clearly visible. Approved colors are yellow, brown and all shades of brindle with or without a mask. White markings are also accepted.

Boerboels are loyal to their owners and form a strong bond with their families. They are known of having a strong guarding instinct without being overly aggressive in the normal situations. Since Boerboel creates a strong bond between itself and his owner, they are at it's best when living in the house together with their owners. If you leave the dog to the yard living alone without any presence of the owner, it might get frustrated and may develop destructive behavior to himself as well as start barking unnecessarily.

As a puppy the right kind of socialization is a must. Because puppies are adaptable, they are easy to manage as young to get used to different places, sounds and other animals. Good experiences at an early age will significantly improve their social skills. It's important to keep the puppy away from the aggressive and angry dogs, because if the damage occurs, the dog may subsequently react in a similar situation later in life, in fearful or defensive matter. Good-natured and well-balanced adult dogs are the best teachers who teach the younger dogs the right kind of dog behavior and body language.



Some Boerboels are very social while others are much more cautious with new people. In general, Boerboels are very good with children, especially with their own familys children. The whole family should still take part in dog training and ensure that the dog will understand that children are at the higher position in the familys hierarchy. Children must be taught to respect and care for the dogs kindly and the dog must certainly not be left with the children without an adult supervision.

Since the breed was bred over the years to be a farm watchdog (what it is nowadays too) most of the dogs get along well with other livestock and family pets at the same time defending the farm and home from wild animals. With the right introducing they will accept a new family member to their pack pretty easily.



Because Boerboel is a dominant breed, this puts certain challenges to owning the breed. Dog parks are not the right place for this breed, although some dogs might behave themselves well in there. Guest dogs should always be thoroughly familiarized with the Boerboels in order to avoid problems. In general adult Boerboels might not get so well along with other adult same sex dominant breeds. Puppies in the other hand are more flexible and more willing to get along with strangers and other dogs.

You should pay careful attention to the sex when you are selecting your Boerboel puppy. If family has already one dominant breed adult at home, you should choose a puppy of the opposite sex, to avoid possible future problems between your dogs when the pup grows up.