Our breeding principles

In the future, our goal is to breed healthy and most importantly good natured Boerboels, according to the original breed standard. Although the breed is relatively new for us, years of background work has helped us to understand what kind of dogs we want to continue to keep at our home and how we want Boerboels to remain in the future. We don't want Boerboels to become a new big, impressive-looking companion breed, but with our own choices we want to preserve the breed as it was created in the first place. Active and sound farm dog with strong guarding instinct. As a result of this, we have ended up with the one of the original lines, Mizpah Boerboels, which we will continue to favor later in the future also.

We don't intend to set up a large commercial kennel, so the litters will be carefully selected from healthy, good natured parents. We do not intend to ridiculously increase the number of dogs, so from every litter born here we will leave puppies home for our future breeding program. 

The Mizpah line has been created by one of the most famous and legendary Boerboel-person in the world, oom Lucas van der Merwe. He was one of the SABT's (and later the HSBA's) founding members, who toured around South Africa in the '80s and searched for the remaining representatives of the breed for a base breeding stock. Oom Lucas grew up with this breed and wanted to preserve the breed as original as possible, avoiding to use too large and aggressive dogs for breeding and we have the same thing in mind. Oom Lucas unfortunately passed away in 2010, but today his daughter Carin Yorke Hart (van der Merwe) in South Africa maintains the Mizpah line and also his good friend Alla Fridman from Savanna Boerboele (Russia) continues to breed with the Mizpah dogs.


Over the years we have met and had been priviledged to get to know a lot of breed enthusiasts and breeders. Some of them have become a very close friends to us, so we try as much as possible to continue to cooperate with breeders from abroad to improve the breed. You can never learn enough about Boerboels, so our long journey of getting to know the breed better, has only begun after these ten years.

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