About us

The first time I came across this breed was in 2003 when I was looking for a healthy, long-lived and active molosser. Back then the breed seemed very interesting and got deeply caught in my mind. During that time in Finland few people were familiar with this breed nor were there probably any owners of Boerboels either, so I started to study and get to know more about this breed all by myself. Because my living conditions were not desirable for Boerboels (nor did I want them in the city) it was only a dream for a long time until in 2009 I started to re-consider getting my first representative of the breed. By then I already knew what kind of dog I was looking for, what type and what bloodline would suit me best. After a long search I found a perfect bitch, relatively close to us also and then began the waiting for my very first Boerboel puppy. In 2012 that wonderful bitch gave birth to an amazing litter and we finally had our Chelentano. Since then the breed has stolen our hearts completely and we have bought a few more Boerboels to live with us.

During these years, we have met so many great people and breeders abroad. We will continue to work closely together with them.

I have successfully completed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeding course 17.10.2010.

I'm member of:
The Finnish Kennel Club
The Finnish Weightpulling Association ry
Boerboel International
Etelä-Suomen työkoiraharrastajat ry

We live in the beautiful and quiet countryside of Mäntsälä in a 2.6 hectare site. Currently there is no actual kennel building for the dogs, so all our dogs live together with us inside the house. Outside our dogs have their own 50 square meter pens with shelter and dog houses where they spend their time when we aren't at home. At the moment some of our property is fenced, so the dogs can fulfill themselves by doing park ranging duties through guarding.