Elite Boerboel Breed Association of Southern Africa (EBBASA) est.2001

EBBASA was established in 2001 as a Breed Association to represent the Boerboel Breed.

The Association is not open to puppy mills, breeders of Boerboel "experts" who are not interested in upholding a Code of Ethics. EBBASA accepts the documentation of all organisations provided that the ancestry of the presented Boerboel can be proven beyond doubt to be originating from pure-bred Boerboels.

Mr. Piet Sprinkhuizen - Avontuur Boerboele
Mr. & Mrs. Johan & Linda Swart - Linjo Boerboele
Elri Swanepoel - Eljara Boerboele
Koos Malan - Jabrina Boerboele
Rhona Chambers - Kromdraain Kennels
Lidia Ferreira - Lidiana Kennels
The (late) Dawie Venter - Van Marcos