Historical Boerboel Association of South Africa (HSBA) est.1993

The founder of HBSA is Lucas van der Merwe, legendary Boerboel person, one of the SABT founders, who initiated the well-known "Boerboel Tour" along South Africa, with a few of other BB-enthusiasts, and who had registered  the first original stock of boerboels in South Africa as a separate breed. 

In 1980, he organized a tour to South Africa in search of survivors of the breed, whereby first breedings has begun of this wonderful breed.

Lucas van der Merwe died in 2010. Lucas van der Merwe is a lifelong Honorary President SABT and HBSA.

The purpose of the Historical Association was the fact that some points in the peculiarities of appearance Boerboel not been addressed and fixed in the standard SABT, and accordingly, from a historical point of view does not reflect the features of native farm dogs. This led to the fact that in South Africa, it was almost impossible to meet Boerboel spotted and black colors, which are numerous testimony, always attended the Boer farms. Much effort was to find in the remote villages of old dogs with such colors-bloods to restore lost features of appearance of the breed. Many former members of the SABT entered into HBSA after its creation.

Today Historical Association ceased to exist, but according to many breeders and owners of South Africa, it has made a significant contribution to the development and formation of the Boerboel breed.