Original breed standard

1. General appearance

The Boerboel is a strong dog, solid and built strongly with powerful developed musculature. It's movement should not appear clumsy, and it's body should appear more solid, stronger and bigger than that of the Boxer, but shorter and not as high as the Great Dane. The male must not be shorter than 26dm (66cm) and females not shorter than 24dm (61cm).

2. Temperament

The Boerboel must have a good temperament - it must be intelligent, steadfast with a balanced character and willing to stay loyal to the end to its master. It must definitely display good guarding instincts and love it's human family with a special love for children.

3. The head

One of the most important characteristics of the Boerboel as it reflects the whole character and type of the dog.

(a) The head must be big, strong and wide between the eyes with clearly visible wrinkles on the forehead between the eyes.

(b) The top jaw must strong and broad with a slight tapering to the front, and slightly shorter than the bottom jaw.

(c) The bottom jaw must be broad with a slight tapering to the front and slightly longer than the top jaw, and in a straight line.

(d) The lips must be loose and fleshy with not too much "overhang" and should not appear rough/coarse and/or thick. The top lip at the nose should cover the bottom lip so the difference in jaw length's are not visible.

(e) The nose leather must be black, and not liver-nosed.

(f) The nasal bone/bridge should not be too long - between 8cm and 10cm, measured from the tip of the nose to where a straight line starts between the eyes. The nasal bone should be straight with no curving to the back like the Boxer or the long nose of the Great Dane. The head must definitely have a Boel/Bull appearance with a strong mouth that blends in symmetrically with the head. Not a teddy bear appearance. The female head must obviously be smaller and appear more feminine than that of the male.

(g) The ears must be floppy and of medium size and appear balanced with the head. Long, floppy and/or short upright ears are unwanted.

4. Anatomy of the body

(a) The neck must be strong, thick and with adequate length which must be in balance with the rest of the body - strong, muscular with loose skin. The neck arch (difficulty in translation) must be straight and blend in nicely with the shoulders.

(b) The back must be strong, broad and straight, slightly curved at the loin acceptable.

(c) The chest must be broad and strong where the loose skin of the neck blends in and tightens between the front legs; which is placed wide apart for the strong chest.

(d) The legs must be strong and straight that supports and propels the body easily with well- formed feet that fits in with the legs. Sickle hocks, crooked legs and legs angling in or out unacceptable.

(e) The tail could be long, but docked tails preferred.

(f) The hair must be short, smooth without curly or stubble hair at the mouth as well as long, unattractive hair on the legs.

5. Colour

All colours except black, black-flecked, white or white-flecked dogs with one or two white eyes. The colours yellow, gray, red brown, brown, dark brown white-flecked, (except black-flecked), broken gray (difficulty in translation) and brindle - all the colours with or without white feet, on the head, white on the neck or stomach with or without black masks will be accepted.